The Invisible School

“I was made in Italy at the dawn of the Seventies -definitely made for untidy rooms and rumpled beds. I have always questioned the answers. I have travelled a lot, experienced a lot and tried all that I could! I have lived in caves, ashrams and apartments. I engaged in mystic conversations with wandering Gurus and drank enlightening teas with silent Sadhus. I have sung the endless heart song with giggling Shamans and laughed at cosmic jokes with invisible friends. I have travelled Africa barefoot and Europe on high heels. I have made love over cremation grounds and romanced the Cosmos- made love, literally, with the stars and the planets!  I have danced till the early colours of the morning and counted the million stars in the sleepless nights of the darkest hour of self doubt. I have found myself on all four, on the floor of my bedroom, throwing up a lifetime of emotional toxins and realized much later that this was the awakening experience… I have explored all kind of therapies, modalities, meditations and movement practices, healed traumas, danced the divine ecstasy, the shadow, the inertia, the chaos …the Cosmic Drama, before  Endless Cosmic Orgasm.

Today I am Dakini – the Skydancer.

 I surrender my Divine Humanity to Existence, to be seduced by my true Form.”

Our Core 


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